Our receptionists are trained to do a difficult job well. If you need an urgent appointment they will ask you questions that you may find irritating. This is necessary for them to assess the urgency of your situation – they are not just being nosey. This process allows the practice to run smoothly and provide an efficient service for our patients.

Please treat our receptionists with courtesy and do not blame them if, for example, the doctor is delayed.

Seeing the Doctor

It is the policy of the practice that patients see their regular doctor whenever possible. Patients may make a request to see another doctor and, if time is available, this wish will be granted. Our surgery is run on an ‘open access’ and routine appointment system; Monday is ‘open access’ all day; consequently, appointments can only be made on the day. Tuesday through to Friday provides a mix of appointments with ‘open access’ appointments available in the mornings and pre-booked routine appointments and Urgent appointments available in the afternoons.

Appointments can be made online, at the surgery or by telephoning 01582 722555.

Our receptionists will inform you which doctors are available for that day. Urgent medical cases will be seen the same day; otherwise, patients will be offered the earliest available appointment.

Please Note: The doctors will not see patients for Dental problems. Patients are expected to consult their local Dentist.

Telephone Appointments

If you wish to receive general advice on a health issue, we would recommend that you contact NHS 111. If, however, you would like to talk to your doctor on a specific issue, then make a request to our reception staff. If the doctor is not immediately available, they will ask for your telephone number and brief details of the nature of the problem and they will get the doctor to telephone you when time is available.

Sometimes the receptionist may suggest that you speak to a nurse instead of the doctor.

Online Appointment Booking

Doctors’ appointments can now be booked on-line by the patients themselves. In order to do this, patients first need to register to use the online service.

Self Check-in

The surgery has an automated self check-in touch screen opposite the reception windows. This is a simple to use system that enables the patient to check themselves into our appointments system.

Should you feel uncomfortable about using such a system, you can obtain help, or book in at the reception desk in the traditional manner.

Prompt Arrival

Please try to arrive for consultations a few minutes before your appointed time. If you arrive late you may find that you have lost your appointment and that you will have to make a new appointment for another day.

Mobile Phones

We allow mobile phones to be used within the surgery building, but please ensure you turn yours off before going into the doctor’s consulting room.